Our Craft


We’re passionate about a couple things here at 9th Street Public House: great drinks and a great sense of community. Our staff of expert mixologists take pride in both their knowledge of ingredients and their ability to customize a drink for any customer. Whether you know you want a dry gin martini shaken with a twist, or you just want something sweet with vodka in it, our mixologists will work with you to make the perfect drink. If cocktails aren’t your thing, just ask our staff about our wide selection of craft beers and they will set you up with a beer of your liking.

The quality of the work we do here goes beyond serving excellent drinks. 9th Street Public House isn’t another college-town bar trying to sell as much beer as possible each night. Instead, our focus is on cultivating a sense of community through superior customer service and a welcoming space. We want to spend time with our customers and provide them with a place to relax, celebrate, watch a game or just hangout. Running this bar isn’t just a job for us; it’s a passion. Stop by and see for yourself.


Old Fashioned  
The true OG of whiskey cocktails, the Old Fashioned dates back over 200 years. That means people have had over two centuries to tweak and perfect the recipe into what it is today: a couple dashes of gum syrup, a drop or two of bitters, one wine glass of whiskey and a lemon or orange peel. If you’re in the mood for an original, authentic whiskey drink then stop by and we’ll fix you one. It may be old but it is always in fashion to enjoy this drink.  
Not quite as old as the Old Fashioned but just as respectable, the Suburban is another classic whiskey cocktail. It may come in a small glass, but don’t underestimate the punch this drink can pack. Made on the rocks with three parts bourbon, one part rum, one part port and a dash of bitters, this little guy can do some damage. Let’s just say that if you drove from the ‘burbs to come get one, you’re going to need a ride home.  
Who said whiskey couldn’t be sweet? When you stir whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters on ice, and strain and garnish it with a cherry, you get a drink that is classic, respectable and tasty. And can you guess where it’s from? That’s right! You can enjoy a little glass of the big city without all the shoving and yelling right here at 9th Street Public House.  
Whiskey Sour  
Nothing better to quench your thirst on a hot day than an ice cold lemonade… or, you know, one that’s full of whiskey. The Whiskey Sour is just that -- whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup on ice with a cherry and a lemon wedge. Let us know if you’re really into sour stuff or just looking to change up your usual whiskey cocktail and we’ll make one that’s just right for your palate.
Moscow Mule  
Okay, we get that people are hesitant about drinking something named after a donkey/horse hybrid, but bear with us. The Moscow Mule mixes vodka, ginger beer and lime to create a surprisingly refreshing cocktail. Although originally served in a copper mug, the drink does just fine in a highball glass. Oh, and it’s not actually from Moscow, but it’s not like calling it the “Connecticut Mule” was going to drive sales.  
The Cosmo is a classic vodka drink. Take a little vodka, some triple sec and some cranberry and lime juice, and you have yourself a nice, tangy cocktail. A lot of the drink’s success came from its frequent consumption on the 90s show Sex in the City, but its fame comes in most part from its delicious drinkability. Stop in and we’ll show you why the Cosmo is a drink worth remembering.  
Bloody Mary  
The beautiful thing about this drink is the social acceptability of drinking it with breakfast. The combination of vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco and other spices all garnished with celery and olives will give you a nice kick, whether you’re starting your day or not. Legend has it, if you stand in front of a mirror in a candle-lit room and say “bloody mary” three times, a drink will appear right in your hand… or at least, we think that’s how the legend goes. Be sure to ask about our house special, the Blondie Mary, next time you stop in!
Arguably one of the most iconic drinks ever, the martini is a classic gin drink that can be made with vodka upon request. Made with gin and vermouth and garnished with olives, the martini is a clean-looking, sophisticated drink. It’s actually so sophisticated that there are about a million ways to order one -- shaken, stirred, dry, wet, perfect, straight-up or on the rocks. If you don’t know the specifics yet, don’t worry about it. Just come in and tell us what you like. It’s as simple as that! 
Gin & Tonic  
The G&T is a classic gin drink with a simple recipe. Consisting of gin and tonic poured over ice and garnished with a lime, this drink is as easy to order as it is to drink. If you want to switch it up a little, we can add lime juice to your drink or switch the lime wedge out for a lemon. Just let us know what you like!  
Tom Collins  
Don’t know who Tom Collins is? Not a big deal. All you need to know is that this drink mixes gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water to make a sort of gin-and-sparkling-lemonade drink. Tom must’ve known what he was doing, whoever he was, because this drink has been enjoyed for over a hundred years. Come in to 9th Street Public House soon and enjoy it for yourself!
Simple and elegant, the daiquiri is made up of light rum, lime juice and sugar or simple syrup. Shaken with ice and served chilled, it’s like a mini vacation in a glass. Come on in and we can mix one up just to your liking.
Mai Tai  
The Mai Tai traditionally mixes rum, orgeat almond syrup, orange curaçao, and lime juice and is served on ice. We know what you’re thinking -- “another tropical vacation in a glass?!” Yes. I mean, we are talking about rum drinks here. We might be on in Missouri, but we can help take your taste buds to the caribbean with this one.  
This drink takes a step away from your average tropical rum drink and draws on the refreshing taste of mint. Mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, white rum and soda water all come together in this unique rum cocktail. Let us know how minty, sugary or sweet you like it and we will make you your perfect mojito.
There are a ton of variations to this tequila drink, but the original is most famous for a reason. Tequila, triple sec and lime juice within a salt-rimmed glass is the perfect salty-sweet cocktail.  
Tequila Sunrise  
Yes, it’s true: tequila can be consumed in ways other than shots and margaritas.The Tequila Sunrise consists of tequila, grenadine and orange juice in a glass.The sweet tequila drink looks as good as it tastes. Who said you had to get up early to appreciate a beautiful sunrise?



Beer falls into a couple main categories: ales and lagers. These are simply two different ways of brewing the beer.

Ales were the first types of beer, and date back to ancient times. The beer is fermented for a short period of time in warm temperatures with yeasts that float on top of the beer. Ales tend to have fruity-estery flavors, which are only made possible by brewing in warm temperatures. Stouts, IPA’s, Belgian Pale Ales, and Wheat Beers are a few examples of ales. Here are the ales that we serve: Sample Description
Lagers are relatively new beers -- meaning they’re only several hundred years old. The beer is fermented for a long period of time in cold temperatures, and the yeasts sit at the bottom. Lagers tend to have clean, crisp tastes because the cold temperature inhibits fruity aromas from being produced. Bocks, Pilsners and Dark Lagers are a few lagers you might be familiar with. Here are the lagers that we serve: Sample Description

9th Street rotates 20 beers on tap each day and serves fresh handmade cocktails and fine spirits.